Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want-It Wednesday...a little early

So I have been pretty much glued to ASOS over the past few days, drooling over these little pretties:

all images from ASOS

I am really in love with quite a few pieces they've got in their Curve line right now...and I oh-so-desperately want to order from them, but I haven't for several reasons: 1.)I have never ordered anything internationally and that makes me nervous. Especially since I'm not sure of the brand since I've never tried it. 2.) Ordering clothes online is always tricky for me because my measurements always seem to fall in between the way sizes are made...and the "translation" between US/UK sizing makes it even more tricky for me to gauge. and 3.) If I end up not liking or gauging the sizes wrong, I am worried that returns would be horrendous.

Plus- really I do not NEED cannot afford that many dresses.

Do any of my US bloggers out there order from ASOS or other international retailers? Are you generally happy with the outcome? I am very curious to see what your experiences have been.



  1. Omg! I love ASOS! I have never ordered from them before, but I love their clothes. And I have the same fears as you; I'm always nervous about ordering from overseas. I love the dress in the fourth picture though; it's flippin' divine!!! : )

  2. your paragraph on WHY you haven't ordered from Asos just like totally read my mind! lolz i am the exact same way when it comes to ALL of those reasons! you feel my pain/paranoia lolz and there are just soooo many purty things online... but all those reasons just make me baaaack away from my virtual shopping cart ever so slowly lolz

    - Iza

  3. almost everyone that orders from them has said good things about them! of course, i can't help you out because i never have (but i have done international ordering before, and it's not bad at all). i just don't like the prices on the asos line.. too poor for that, haha.

  4. I loooove ASOS : ) its the best. I bought my last two birthday dresses there.

    Stopped by your blog and I'm now following it, super cute. When you get a chance please check out mine and
    follow if you like it ( I hope you do ) ... : )