Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: mark. Tops & Skirt

As you probably read in my last post, I went ahead and ordered the mark. 2-pack of tops and reversible skirt from want-it Wednesday. To my delight, they arrived today (already! woah!) and I instantly decided that I needed to throw them on and test them out to see what I thought.

Just FYI as you read this, I ordered both the tops and the skirt in a size XXL. mark. runs by junior sizing, so this is the equivalent of a junior size 17. I typically wear anywhere from a 16-18 in pants (closer to 18) and anywhere from 14-18 (usually an XL) in tops.

Seeing Double Tops:
OK...I want to love these in both of them. I do love the blue and white stripey one. It fits me perfectly. The black, though, feels completely different and is a little too clingy for me. Both shirts say they are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, but the black one feels a lot more spandex-y and the stripey one feels a lot more cotton-y...if that makes any sense. It is just very strange to me because it is supposed to be the same top, just in a different color...but it is very clear upon even touching them that the black one feels more like spandex. I prefer the stripey one because it fits me a little bit looser. I just wish the black one fit the same way. I will still wear the black one though, I just know it won't be as comfortable as it could be.

Flip Over Skirt:
I really, really like the skirt so far...I love that you can just flip it to create something totally it's really like getting two skirts for $28...not bad at all. It is incredibly lightweight so it is perfect for summer. It fits me pretty perfectly, too. I had plenty of room in it and felt very comfortable. The one thing I found kind of strange about it was that the printed side most definitely has a tag attached to it...and you NEED a seam ripper to get it off without ruining the skirt. And, well, I don't own a seam ripper. I guess I should invest in one of those anyway...but still.

Here are some photos that I snapped as I tried them on quickly (I couldn't decide if I liked the skirt high or low on my waist so I took pics of both):

Doesn't that print look gorgeous in the sunlight? :)

Notice how this top looks slightly looser than the previous one? Hmmm...

Both outfits:

So, for a total of $36.40 for both outfits (I paid mark. representative price because I happen to be one, non-rep price would be $56), I'd say these outfits are pretty successful. Hooray!
What do you think of them, seeing them on a real person?

I don't really actively sell mark. at all anymore because I am always so crazy busy with my job but if you like these outfits you can stop by my eBoutique site: or go to I believe this stuff will go on sale to the public around mid-June.

This week was absolutely insane at school. We had some fun activity going on literally every day and I am exhausted from spending so much time out in the hot hot sun! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! I know I am going to use the extra day off to catch up on some rest and blog reading! Enjoy your long weekend!



  1. omg that is sooooo awesome!!! and they looks perfect on you!!! =]

    -Christina <3

  2. great buy! :D the pattern on the skirt is real pretty, and the tops are so basic and chic!! you can wear em, mix and match with them forever :P :D

  3. I LOVE that skirt, especially the fancy coloured side and you look beyond fab in both! I want the first outfit now :D

  4. I am LOVING that skirt! Flippin' beautiful, it is. Great job Case! : )

  5. I love both outfits! I would wear the skirt higher on the waist, I think it looks better on you higher but its cute either way! You look great

  6. I love that colourful skirt- you look so cute!

  7. That skirt is a neat idea. I like the patterned side alot the colors are really nice.

  8. Very nice!!
    And it's true about the tops!
    I have mine also XXL but I lost weight so they are just right for me now.. I'm typically a L in Mark. clothes only is they are viscose/spandex items.
    If not, just the XL...
    The length of the tops are pretty short....... I have a long torso, but after all the quality is good!