Monday, November 28, 2011

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving all wrapped up, it seems that all anyone can talk about is Christmas. Everyone around me is creating their wish lists and checking them twice! So in the spirit of good fun, I thought I would post a few of the items I'm longing for this holiday season. Are any of your Christmas wishlist items the same as mine?



Moreso than creating my list, I'm SUPER excited about shopping for my family and friends. I love gift-giving!
I am certainly in the Christmas Spirit!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Are Your Favorite Shopping Hot Spots?

So, as I mentioned in my most recent post, a lot of my clothes don't exactly fit me as I'd like them to anymore, which is fantastic (yay minus 30 pounds and counting!), but in ways also frustrating because I don't exactly have the money to buy and entire new wardrobe as I'm still reaching my goal weight. Hence, the name of this blog including the word "frugal" in the title. I've also run into the problem lately of being in between sizes. Pants at Lane Bryant fit me, but tops (for the most part) don't. Old Navy's tops fit me, but the pants are always hit or miss. LB, Old Navy, and Torrid have always been 3 of my favorites.

That being said, here's my question for you- where are YOU shopping these days? As curvy ladies I know we've had to get creative with our shopping habits, so I'm curious to see what your favorite places to shop are. I could really use some ideas on more stores to frequent so that maybe I can find some more lines that fit my body a little better.

Over the weekend I got this dress from Lane Bryant:
Dress: Lane Bryant, $45.28 with coupon ($99.95 regular price)

It's a size 14 and fits me perfectly, and yet for some reason many of their size 14 tops are too big on me. I'm confused about this whole sizing business.
Regardless, this dress is PERFECT for upcoming holiday parties. I cannot wait to wear it!

Let me know what stores you're lovin' these days!