Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Don't Know Who I Am Without You, All I Know Is That I Should...

Just wanted to give you all a quick little update...I am moving into my very own apartment tomorrow. On my own. Without J.

And I truly believe it's what is best for me right now.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and advice on this situation...Your comments really hit home and made me come to some major realizations. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Back to real blogging once all of my stuff is moved, situated, and unpacked.
See you soon, dolls.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MySpace Angles

Here is today's outfit. I'm at my parents house and without a photographer or camera, so bathroom mirror shots on the Droid it is!

I really love this outfit and wanted to share...I feel trendy and yet laid back at the same time...but I feel like a teenager taking MySpace :)

T-Shirt: Torrid, $28 before coupon
Tank: Torrid, $12
Black Skinny Pants, Extra Short: Torrid, $48 before coupon
Ring: Coach, $23ish on a super sale at the outlet

Alright so apparently it's an all Torrid day! I'm alright with that.


Monday, July 26, 2010

I Can't Hold On, But Letting Go Is Something I Can't Do...

I'll warn you before I start- this post is not about fashion. It's about my life. So if you don't feel like reading it, I won't be offended- seeing as this is supposed to be a fashion blog. But really, maybe I should rename my blog to be more of a lifestyle blog so I don't feel bad about posting something like this. Either way, I desperately need a friend to vent here goes.

For the past 7.5 years I've been dating J. J and I have always had a TON in common. We get along really well for the most part, but we have one huge issue: he is totally and completely irresponsible. As in, he does not have a job, nor does he try to get one, doesn't answer his phone a majority of the time, never calls me when he says he will, doesn't follow through, sleeps until 1pm in the afternoon, and plays lots of video games. Recently he's been taking classes to get a degree, but that is his only commitment. He doesn't have any problem paying bills, though, because his mother sends him $1000 every month to pay for his living expenses. J is 26. Anyway, we've had this problem for years. I'm overly ambitious and he has next to no ambition. And it gets in the way of us being a happy couple.

So there is your background info. Earlier this month I decided that J and I need to separate- get our own apartments and live on our own- until he can prove to me that he cares enough to fix this major problem.
Or so I thought.

Now, the week of the move (I am supposed to move into my new apartment this coming Sunday) I am totally unsure of my decision and feel like I am constantly on the verge of tears. I really, really don't want to live in separate apartments...its really going to be rough on my finances...and his. Not to mention, I will really miss him. We've lived together for about 15 months now, so this is going to be a huge change.

I feel like all of my friends will be mad at me and think I'm weak if I change my mind and stay with him...but why should I put myself through so much pain and financial strain when I could be content just leaving things as is? I guess my friends would say because most of the time I'm not "happy" in this relationship because of J's immaturity. And they're right, but right now I do feel happy with the relationship. When it's just he and I, and nothing else in the world matters, he's my very best friend and I do love him on some level.

That's another part of the story, too. I'm always unsure of whether or not I'm "in love" with J. Most of the time I feel like I'm not, but I wonder if I would feel like this about anyone after being together for so long. Maybe him being my best friend is more important than all that lovey-dovey stuff. Maybe that's what a soulmate really is.
Or maybe there is someone out there that will make me feel lovey-dovey always...I don't know.

Aside from this irresponsible behavior, J treats me very well. He would do anything for me at the drop of a hat and has stood by my side through A LOT of crazy life occurrences. He isn't very romantic or thoughtful, but he is always kind and caring.

Anyway, I'm scared. I'm outrageously sad. I'm confused and uncertain. It almost feels like the him being irresponsible issue doesn't matter anymore. But I know that if I stay with him, sooner or later I will become upset again that he is being immature and irresponsible.
Everyone says if things are meant to be, he and I will get back together later.
I'm just not sure if I'm even willing to take that chance anymore.

I don't know what to do.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

Tonight I decided to head out with some friends to the Arena District to check out a piano bar called The Big Bang- it was actually really cool, I just wish it hadn't been so crowded. Apparently everyone else thinks its really cool, too.
Here's what I wore has been SO hot lately that these photos literally look hazy.

Dress: Target, $15
Tank: Old Navy, several years ago
Belt: NY&Co, $2.99 before coupon
Shoes: Torrid, $39 (but I used a gift card so it felt like they were free!!)
Wristlet: Coach, gift

I have always been anti-black&brown, but I actually really like this cognac color with black. I think it is a great, interesting combination. What do you think? Do you wear black and any shades of brown together? you guys notice that I hardly ever wear earrings/necklaces/bracelets? Well, I need to start because I own LOTS of jewelry. I am thinking of doing a "must wear accessories" challenge for 15 days in hopes that I will just get in the habit of accessorizing a little more. Anyone else interested in joining?

Alright, I'm off to bed! Night lovies!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Opening of Loop 18 from Lane Bryant

Today, after brunch with S&S, I rushed down to my nearest Lane Bryant outlet store to check out the launch of their new Loop 18 line. I have been checking out their facebook page, eagerly awaiting the launch. I was so excited when I saw this outside of the store:
Balloons! And a sign! I was practically running to get there! Of course, I grabbed just about one of everything to try on. Here are a few grainy photos I snapped using my phone in the dressing room:

I actually really liked this is very Gaga-esque...but I could not see myself actually wearing it and having anyone take me seriously. And I'm not a huge fan of sequins on a top, but that's just personal preference. Love the purple color, though.
This look photographed well, but the jeggings were way too clingy on my thighs. The top was SO cute, but the 13/15 looked weird on my chest and the 17/19 was too baggy in the underarms. The little military buttons were loose, making them fall whichever way they wanted to. I felt that it would have looked better had they been more secure.
I actually LOVED this, lace, and a sweetheart cut are three of my favorite things, ever. Again, the 13/15 was a little too tight and the 17/19 was slightly too big. However I might consider picking this up later if it ever becomes more heavily discounted.

This jacket was cute and comfy, but overpriced in my opinion.

And last but not least, I actually did end up buying this cropped diagonal-zip short-sleeved jacket. I feel like I can do a lot with it! But, again, I would have been much happier if the price had been lower.

I tried on several other things that I was not super impressed with. :(

Now that I am home and reflecting, I wish I had tried on a few more items. But overall, I ended up being somewhat disappointed. Nothing fit me the way that I wanted it to, but perhaps that's just because I am not really designed for juniors' sizing. I could have even sacrificed amazing fit for amazing prices, but even with the 25% off special they were doing, I was still not impressed at the quality for the price.

I had very high hopes for this line, especially because I am such a huge fan of Lane Bryant. My reaction to the line as a whole was "meh...nothing special." It is definitely very appropriate for the teenage crowd. I have a strong feeling that as the line grows, they will come out with items I like better.

Have you been able to try Loop 18 yet? What do you think?


Review: Sizes to Fit Yuru Ruffle Pleat Waist Dress

So, after this post, I was contacted by Sizes to Fit to do a review of an item from their website. Naturally, I chose the beautiful Yuru Ruffle Pleat Waist Dress in Jade (a beautiful deep green color.) I was nervous about the sizing, but based on their size chart, I decided to order a size 2x (I typically wear a size 14/16 top and a 16/ 18 in pants, just for your reference.) I received the dress astoundingly quick...literally after only 2 days. When I got the package, I opened it up to see the dress wrapped neatly in tissue paper with a Sizes to Fit sticker keeping it a present! ;) I instantly tried on the dress and took photos, even though I had just returned home from being hot and gross all day...
Here is what the dress looks like in different lighting. I LOVE the color, the ruffle, and the gathering on the bust and waist. As you can see, the 2x fits me pretty well overall. However, I don't think I would ever wear this dress alone. I would most definitely throw on a black shrug or cardigan with it. It is a little more low-cut in the underarm/baby fat area and I am not a fan of how that area looks on me., so I personally would be more comfortable with something over the dress. The length is great, hitting me right at the knee (I am 5'3".) The back of the dress is stretchy, but clingy, so it allows for lots of extra room, but the material (100% polyester) does cling to my back fat (sexy, I know.) Overall, the quality of the dress is good for the price.

So...the final verdict...for the price of $29.99, I would most definitely recommend purchasing this dress. It is perfect for any end-of-summer weddings, dates, or other semi-dressy events you may have going on. Now I just need to decide where I can wear the dress!

Thank you SO MUCH to Sizes to Fit for providing the dress for me to review. I will most definitely be checking out their website when I look for plus size clothing in the future.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Want-It Wednesday: Feelin' Dizzy

Hello blog friends! I am sad to say that I have not posted in an entire week now! But trust me- I have not worn anything worth photographing because I have been running all over Ohio like a crazy person...not to mention I think I am sick or something because I have been dizzy literally all day today. So, as you might be able to tell, blogging has not been my top priority. I'm still not feeling well, but I wanted to do a quick post to let you all know I'm still here, and as soon as things calm down a bit, I'll do a real post and get back in the swing of things. I sincerely MISS you guys.

Anyway, here is my want-it for the week. This jacket was pictured on the insanely gorgeous Ashley Graham in a recent mailer sent out by Lane Bryant:

I may or may not have drooled a little when I saw it.

In frugal news, one of my favorite retailers, Torrid, has an extra 50% off their clearance items right now...and this stuff usually goes fast, so get it while it's still there!

I also have a review of a dress from Sizes to Fit coming soon...stay tuned, loves.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Want-It Wednesday: How Have I Never Seen This!?!?!?

This evening I have been attempting to catch up on my blog reading. I feel like I have been running around like crazy lately, so please forgive me for my lack of posting/commenting. Anyway, tonight I saw that Diva in Deep Thought is doing a giveaway of a dress from Sizes to Fit. I was immediately impressed with the dress she had, and so I decided to check out their website...and I now have to ask you one thing...HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!?!?!? This website is awesome! There are so many items that are exactly my style and the prices! *gasp* They're super affordable (the top pictured here is $8.99)! Here are a few pictures of the items I am in LOVE with:

Someone- please, please, PLEASE give me a reason to wear that green dress somewhere so I can rationalize possibly purchasing it. I really want it!

And, not that I don't love my dress (and everything else for that matter) from Torrid, but this dress is VERY similar and is less than half of the price of the one from Torrid.

Have you ever shopped at Sizes to Fit? If so, what have you thought of their clothing? I am super curious!

I'll be around more regularly as all of the craziness dies down over the next few days (I swear I just drive in loops around central/northeast Ohio...)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Love Is My Drug...

My brother is here! Yay! He wanted me to take him out to a few bars in downtown Columbus, so a friend of his came down and we all went to the Arena District.

I didn't feel like getting super dressed up since I was just heading out with my brother, but here's what I wore...

T-Shirt: Old Navy, $5
Skirt: Torrid, $34 before coupon
Necklace: made by a friend

And my hair was REALLY cooperating today! That never happens!
Alright, just wanted to do a quick outfit post before bed!
Sweet dreams!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Parlez-vous fran├žais?

I feel very Parisian in today's outfit! Must be the black/white/red color combo.

My photographer likes to take candids of me...
Tank: F21, $3.80
Cardigan: Walmart, $11
Skirt: mark. reversible skirt, $18.20
Belt: Torrid, $20.90 after coupon
Shoes: Target, $24.99
I have had the idea for this outfit in my head for a week or two now! I am really into black and white with a pop of color lately. What colors do you like to pair with black and white?

As mentioned in this post, I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans. The ones from Old Navy arrived...I had high hopes for Old Navy, but alas, it was a fail. I've got some great ideas now on places to try...I'll keep you posted!

My brother is flying in from Alabama tomorrow! He's been living down there for about 2 months now and I miss him so much! I cannot wait to see him!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lazy Summer Beauty Routine

A poolside conversation with one of the S's got me to thinking about how my summer beauty routine is different from any other time of year. Typically, I don't do much in the way of changing the products I use based on the weather, I usually just have a different routine for day and evening, but this summer I actually did change things up a bit, so I wanted to share with you. This is my "quick and easy I don't feel like putting on makeup but still want to look pretty" method.

I start by mixing together some Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer and some Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow and applying it all over my face with my fingers. Then I apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to my eyelids, mark. Eyemarker Eyeliner in Java to my top & bottom lashlines, and some Maybelline Great Lash BIG to make my lashes pop. Then I put Benefit Benetint on my cheeks and lips and blend.
Last but not least I use one of my mark. mini brushes to apply some Smashbox Baked powder (can't find this online anywhere- must be a retired product...I got mine for $5) over my entire face to create a more bronzy glow.
If I'm feeling saucy, I also add some eyeshadow from my Smashbox Eyelights Palette in Strobe to make my eyes appear brighter.
I curl my eyelashes, throw on a little gloss and there you have it! A quick and easy daytime summer beauty routine!

I am curious- what are your go-to summer beauty products?



Ok, so I'm a day late but I just had to post the items I am loving this week!

I actually have 2 things this week that I really want!

The first was inspired by one of the S's (I'm not really sure how to refer to you guys as separate she sent me a text the other day with an attached photo of these, asking me if I had seen/tried them yet:
I have seen other brands before via several websites, but I have never tried these...and now that I know they are available at my local Walgreens for under $15, I'm definitely interested in trying them out! How handy would these be to just stick in your purse to have in case you just couldn't handle your sky-high heels anymore?? Have any of you tried these or a similar product? If so, what did you think? I'm dying to know more about them before I buy them!

The next item I'm drooling over is a cute little cardi from Target...I seem to have a thing for cardigans...especially lately.
This is just the prettiest color...and I can already envision it with so many outfits! However, I was immediately turned off by the $27.99 price tag. Perhaps it will go into clearance eventually!

Also...I thought I'd share I got these shoes today for $12.48!
Hooray Target clearance section! And they're still full price online! I'm telling you- always check out the clearance section, even if you're not looking for anything specific. :)

Going to brunch tomorrow with S&S- can't wait to show you all my outfit! I have been wanting to wear this outfit for days! I just hope it works in real life as well as it works in my head.


CSN Giveaway Winner!

Hello friends! I am a little late on posting the winner of my CSN stores giveaway, but today was a long day!
So, without further ado, the WINNER of my very first giveaway is (drunmroll please)...

CHRISTINA!!!!!! She is such a lucky duck! Congrats girlie! Please contact me with your e-mail address so we can get the gift card to you :)

Thank you ALL so much for following my blog and taking the time to enter! You're all winners in my heart! ;)

P.S.- I have another giveaway planned for when I hit 100 followers...or maybe I'll even do it before then...


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Awards! + Red, White and...Oh, Hello Kitty!

I have received two awesome blog awards!
The first is the Stylish Blogger Award, from the gorgeous and very stylish Christina!

For this award I am supposed to list 5 random things about here goes:

1.) I LOVE school and office supplies. Like, I have a sick obsession with them. Might just be the teacher in me but oh MAN I love them. Back to School shopping has always been my favorite thing, EVER.

2.) I have a very eclectic taste in music. For example, I love alternative/indie/emo stuff but little makes me feel happier (or cooler) than listening to rap/hip-hop music. I could also probably win the world series of "Name that Tune"...I listen to a LOT. And music never leaves my head.

3.) I am the oldest of 3 children...and I love my brothers more than life itself. My family is pretty tight-knit.

4.) When I'm with the people I am closest to (parents, brothers, BFF, etc.), I tend to use a lot of cuss words. The F word is certainly not a stranger to my vocabulary...and yet I never slip up around my students. lol If you didn't know me well you would probably be surprised. I also tend to use improper grammar and I get a little twangy when I return to my very small, country-ish hometown.

5.)I have a tendency to leave partially full bottles of water around the house. I just drink some and then leave them around. I don't know why I always do it, but I always do.

Now I will tag a few incredibly stylish bloggers that really inspire me:
Alex's Wonderland
Big Beautyful Mess
Curves and Chaos
Weesha's World
Fab Finds Under $50

Next Award is the Versatile Blogger Award, given to me by the lovely Lianna. It requires that I list 7 more random things about myself, so I'll try to keep these more brief.
-I hate mustard and swiss cheese.
-I put vaseline on my lips every night before bed.
-I love Coach everything, a trait I inherited from my Grandmother.
-My favorite color is pink.
-When I was younger I had to have braces and several dental surgeries.
-I love the read but apparently it takes me forever to get through a book.
-I love to travel, and if I could I would do it constantly.

Now I have to give this award to some fabulous blogs I've recently discovered:
Texas Love, Life and Fashion
Bombshell Beauty
T Minus, T Plus

In other news, my 4th of July was spent with the BFF, Vi, and some other friends at the beach. Afterwards, we had a little cookout and went to the fireworks. This is what I wore after the beach (and I let the beach do my

I felt like being cutesy, so I went for the American-themed Hello Kitty. I even got a compliment from a little girl at the fireworks. :)
T-Shirt: Torrid, $25.60 with discount
Tank: Torrid, $12 on sale
Skirt: mark. reversible skirt, $ 18.20 (rep discount)
Shoes: Oh yeah, I was at the beach, so they were unnecessary ;)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Ends tonight! Winner tomorrow!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I don't have time for a real post right now, but I really wanted to share some quick photos from the incredibly beautiful outdoor wedding I went to over the weekend. As chosen by you, I did my hair in the messy side bun, and it worked perfectly. I did not have time for photos before the wedding, but here are some from after the reception and before the BFF and I went out for karaoke.

Thanks again for helping me choose my hairstyle! I felt SO glam all night!

Dress: Torrid, $38 on sale
Shoes: Torrid, $39 before coupon (I can't remember how much I actually paid for them)
Best Strapless Bra I've Ever Worn: Cacique, Lane Bryant, Free w/their B2G2 Sale
Bracelet: NY&Co, $14.95
Silk Flowers: Joann Fabrics, $2.99

I also wore a little black lace shrug over the dress for a small bit of time I was at the wedding to tie the outfit together a little more, but it was just so unbearably hot that the shrug ended up on the back of my chair for most of the evening...and I didn't even feel self conscious about my arms! I felt great. What a confidence boost!

Don't forget to enter my first giveaway! Ends tomorrow! Winner on Wednesday!


Friday, July 2, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway!!!

For my very first giveaway, the lovely people at CSN stores will be giving one of my lucky readers a $40 gift card to use on ANY of their over 200 websites, which range from home decor to children's items to fabulous shoes!!
I LOVE these shoes over at Luxe by CSN:
I am also a big fan of abstract art, which they have a lot of at The Wall Art Store:
Three ways you can enter between July 1st 2010 and July 6th 2010:
1.) First, be/become a follower, visit any of the fabulous CSN websites, and leave a comment telling me about which products you like (I'm curious!), with your name and e-mail or blog address (so simple!)
2.) Post on your blog about this giveaway, come back and leave me a comment with the link to your post.
3.) Make a Twitter post about the giveaway, come back and leave me a comment with the link to your tweet.
You must leave a separate comment for each entry! Open to U.S./Canada residents only.

So there you have it! Three chances to win!
Also- please be aware that shipping charges may apply (however, it looks like a lot ships for free) and/or international fees for anyone in Canada.

Giveaway will close on July 6th and I will choose a winner on Wednesday, July 7th, via
A very big thank you to CSN stores and good luck my loves!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Help Me Pick My Hair!

As I have mentioned before, I am going to a wedding this weekend. Since this is the only wedding I will be attending this summer, and it is the wedding of a good friend of mine, I really wanted to go all out for it. I found the perfect dress, the perfect little shrug, and the perfect shoes. Now I need YOUR help to decide how I should do my hair.

Before you see my 3 options, I am going to tell you that I am really bad at doing hair. It's just not my thing. So please be honest and tell me what looks good and what looks like a hot mess! Oh! And please excuse my lack of makeup in these face is horribly broken out all over for some reason and I don't want to irritate it by putting anything on it :(

Option 1:
Down, curled, with the top layer pulled back into one section in the back and my bangs all in front

Option 2:
Bangs a little swoopy-er with a piece on each side pulled back

Option 3:
A messy side bun with swoopy bangs (I would probably try to make it look a tiny bit more put together and I would probably add a flower or bow or something...this was just a practice run.)

Please let me know which one you think I should do...or if I should do something else! And just an FYI in case you were wondering, the wedding is outdoors, at a winery, and is "summer dressy/casual" according to the invite.
Thanks in advance for your advice! I am super indecisive. ;)