Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Sizes to Fit Yuru Ruffle Pleat Waist Dress

So, after this post, I was contacted by Sizes to Fit to do a review of an item from their website. Naturally, I chose the beautiful Yuru Ruffle Pleat Waist Dress in Jade (a beautiful deep green color.) I was nervous about the sizing, but based on their size chart, I decided to order a size 2x (I typically wear a size 14/16 top and a 16/ 18 in pants, just for your reference.) I received the dress astoundingly quick...literally after only 2 days. When I got the package, I opened it up to see the dress wrapped neatly in tissue paper with a Sizes to Fit sticker keeping it a present! ;) I instantly tried on the dress and took photos, even though I had just returned home from being hot and gross all day...
Here is what the dress looks like in different lighting. I LOVE the color, the ruffle, and the gathering on the bust and waist. As you can see, the 2x fits me pretty well overall. However, I don't think I would ever wear this dress alone. I would most definitely throw on a black shrug or cardigan with it. It is a little more low-cut in the underarm/baby fat area and I am not a fan of how that area looks on me., so I personally would be more comfortable with something over the dress. The length is great, hitting me right at the knee (I am 5'3".) The back of the dress is stretchy, but clingy, so it allows for lots of extra room, but the material (100% polyester) does cling to my back fat (sexy, I know.) Overall, the quality of the dress is good for the price.

So...the final verdict...for the price of $29.99, I would most definitely recommend purchasing this dress. It is perfect for any end-of-summer weddings, dates, or other semi-dressy events you may have going on. Now I just need to decide where I can wear the dress!

Thank you SO MUCH to Sizes to Fit for providing the dress for me to review. I will most definitely be checking out their website when I look for plus size clothing in the future.



  1. The dress looks beautiful on you! i have to disagree with you tho, i think the dress alone looks fabulous! But however u end up wearing it, it will look great!

  2. OOH love the color and the dress. Looks great on you!

  3. Wow, that's really cute! I need to try Sizes to Fit...

  4. I like that color and the ruffles...cute :)

  5. It's a beautiful dress!! love it :)

    p.s thank you for the comment you left. Seriously, your words meant a lot to me <3

  6. I really like the dress, and the color is fabulous on you! I checked out the Sizes to Fit website after your last post about them and got excited when the size chart went to a 26/28. I was then very disappointed when I realized that nothing is offered in that size! They have some really cute pieces, I just wish they had all the sizes they show on their size chart.

    Loving The Reflection

  7. What a beautiful dress, love the color, the style and everything

  8. This dress is beautiful! The color looks amazing on you! :)