Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

Tonight I decided to head out with some friends to the Arena District to check out a piano bar called The Big Bang- it was actually really cool, I just wish it hadn't been so crowded. Apparently everyone else thinks its really cool, too.
Here's what I wore has been SO hot lately that these photos literally look hazy.

Dress: Target, $15
Tank: Old Navy, several years ago
Belt: NY&Co, $2.99 before coupon
Shoes: Torrid, $39 (but I used a gift card so it felt like they were free!!)
Wristlet: Coach, gift

I have always been anti-black&brown, but I actually really like this cognac color with black. I think it is a great, interesting combination. What do you think? Do you wear black and any shades of brown together? you guys notice that I hardly ever wear earrings/necklaces/bracelets? Well, I need to start because I own LOTS of jewelry. I am thinking of doing a "must wear accessories" challenge for 15 days in hopes that I will just get in the habit of accessorizing a little more. Anyone else interested in joining?

Alright, I'm off to bed! Night lovies!



  1. you look lovely!! the black and cognac brown do work really well!

    "Must wear accessories" challenge for 15 days! I would love it, although it wouldnt be too much of a challenge for me cuz i wear accessories all the time! ;P (well not rings or bracelets though! XD) But still, it sounds like it would be fun! ;D

    -Christina <3

  2. i wear cognac brown with black all the time (in fact, i just wore a similiar outfit to this yesterday!)... and i don't wear accessories a lot either, and i own a lot too, but it's more because if my skin sweats just a tiny little bit, the metal reacts with my skin and i get a rash :(

  3. I really like the black with a touch of brown. That dress is super cute!
    I would be up for an accessories challenge, although I wear accessories every day, so it wouldn't really be so difficult for me. But, I could always participate for moral support! : )

    Loving The Reflection

  4. you look beautiful! i love how black and brown accessories still totally gives off a feeling of summer :)... and you should totally do the accessories challenge... i'd love to see that!

    - Iza

  5. totally cute! my fave is the confidence though ;D xx <3

  6. You look gorgeous, and I love your hair here :)

  7. yea i never wear any jewelries either.. and i always buy them

  8. nothing wrong with brown and black together, it's all about how you dot it, and you seem to do it in a great way! looking great! the challenge sounds like fun!


  9. I usually don't mix black and brown either, but I think I wil start because it looks great when it's done right.

    I rarely wear earrings and only wear necklaces and bracelets occasionally because I have a nickel allergy. Still, I would love to join you on this challenge. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

  10. You look adorable! And your skin looks flawless! =O I love it! :)

    - Franceta ♥

  11. I really need to do better about commenting... I really like your blog... You look amazing here... I also added you to my blogroll