Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Love Is My Drug...

My brother is here! Yay! He wanted me to take him out to a few bars in downtown Columbus, so a friend of his came down and we all went to the Arena District.

I didn't feel like getting super dressed up since I was just heading out with my brother, but here's what I wore...

T-Shirt: Old Navy, $5
Skirt: Torrid, $34 before coupon
Necklace: made by a friend

And my hair was REALLY cooperating today! That never happens!
Alright, just wanted to do a quick outfit post before bed!
Sweet dreams!


  1. I somehow didn't realize that you were in Columbus (I'm in Dayton)! Anyhow, you look super cute and your hair looks amazing. Hope you had a fun night!
    Loving The Reflection

  2. cute, my fave outfits are simple ones. hair does look great by the way! Have with your brother!

  3. you're so pretty case & that skirt is adorable <3