Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Opening of Loop 18 from Lane Bryant

Today, after brunch with S&S, I rushed down to my nearest Lane Bryant outlet store to check out the launch of their new Loop 18 line. I have been checking out their facebook page, eagerly awaiting the launch. I was so excited when I saw this outside of the store:
Balloons! And a sign! I was practically running to get there! Of course, I grabbed just about one of everything to try on. Here are a few grainy photos I snapped using my phone in the dressing room:

I actually really liked this is very Gaga-esque...but I could not see myself actually wearing it and having anyone take me seriously. And I'm not a huge fan of sequins on a top, but that's just personal preference. Love the purple color, though.
This look photographed well, but the jeggings were way too clingy on my thighs. The top was SO cute, but the 13/15 looked weird on my chest and the 17/19 was too baggy in the underarms. The little military buttons were loose, making them fall whichever way they wanted to. I felt that it would have looked better had they been more secure.
I actually LOVED this, lace, and a sweetheart cut are three of my favorite things, ever. Again, the 13/15 was a little too tight and the 17/19 was slightly too big. However I might consider picking this up later if it ever becomes more heavily discounted.

This jacket was cute and comfy, but overpriced in my opinion.

And last but not least, I actually did end up buying this cropped diagonal-zip short-sleeved jacket. I feel like I can do a lot with it! But, again, I would have been much happier if the price had been lower.

I tried on several other things that I was not super impressed with. :(

Now that I am home and reflecting, I wish I had tried on a few more items. But overall, I ended up being somewhat disappointed. Nothing fit me the way that I wanted it to, but perhaps that's just because I am not really designed for juniors' sizing. I could have even sacrificed amazing fit for amazing prices, but even with the 25% off special they were doing, I was still not impressed at the quality for the price.

I had very high hopes for this line, especially because I am such a huge fan of Lane Bryant. My reaction to the line as a whole was "meh...nothing special." It is definitely very appropriate for the teenage crowd. I have a strong feeling that as the line grows, they will come out with items I like better.

Have you been able to try Loop 18 yet? What do you think?



  1. COOL! I wanted to go check out Loop 18, but the closest LB that will carry it is 3 hrs away. Cute stuff, looks good on you. I am sure they will have some sales coming soon so you an buy more stuff.

  2. i like that white military blazer. i stopped at my local lane bryant hoping they'd have loop 18 there, but they didn't :( i, too, though think lane bryant is over priced... most of the plus size retailers in the US are (torrid, lane bryant, etc.)

  3. they got some cute stuff, you look great it what your tried on:D

  4. cute stuff. love the pink dress :)

  5. i love the stuff... but you should totally place your link on the loop 18 page... I did with my article... I love loop 18