Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Want-It Wednesday

So, I recently became a fan of Pure Energy on Facebook , and all of their little posts inspired me to make a trip to Target this evening to see if there was anything new since my last visit...and let me just say, overall I was both thrilled and incredibly disappointed. I was THRILLED to see all these cute designs and I wanted to buy so much...but sadly, my local Target only had about 3 overstuffed racks of the Pure Energy line, with no sense of organization at all. Clothing pieces were just strewn all over these 3 racks, like they were confined to only that space. It wasn't like how at most stores things are neatly organized and grouped together. Oh no...anything from the Pure Energy line, regardless of style or type of clothing, was just all lumped together. So, needless to say I was frustrated with the store itself, but I just LOVE Pure Energy.
Anyway, here are just a few of the items I loved...


I love that they make so many dresses and skirts...I'm a sucker for girly things and bright colors...add a floral print and I'm kind of smitten. And for under $25, you really cannot go wrong. They also had another floral print dress that I NEED but they don't seem to have it online. So if you're looking for some new and inexpensive summer dresses, head over to Target and check this stuff out!

Speaking of floral prints, I took a few quick photos of my top(s) today because I always get so many compliments when I wear this outfit to work:

And a close up of the top because I am in love with the little ruffles:

Tank: Lane Bryant, $23.50 (after coupon)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant, $26.50 (after coupon)

Anyway, I always just wear this with plain black dress pants and it seems to make everyone cheerful...even though I look absolutely dreadful with my mid-week teacher sleepiness!

Hope you had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo! I am a big fan of any day that encourages a margarita. ;)



  1. pure energy! wooot! love their line! and love the little ruffle effect on this shirt ms. case! ;-)

  2. This top is super cute! I love the green pop of color too!

    I am with you on crappy racks. I just cannot shop like that, and its irritating. People talk about their scores at Ross but I can't even shop in that chaos they call a store!!

    I am somewhat amused that the chaotic, crammed together mess of a line is called "Pure Energy" lol!

  3. that IS a great top! the colors look lovely on you :) and great picks from PE... i need to make my way to my target!

    - Iza