Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

On Sundays, I usually spend the day relaxing (which to me means shopping or sitting at home.) I don't like to do a whole lot more to get ready besides throwing on jeans and a t-shirt. However, I still want to look cute and at least somewhat presentable. Enter any stripey tee. Now I know, big girls aren't supposed to wear stripes, right? wrongwrongWRONG! I love stripes, and honestly, I find them to actually be quite flattering!! You can wear stripes these days with just about anything, and in a fitted t-shirt form, it is effortless to just throw on and go, but still looks cute.

T-Shirt: F21, $11.80
Jeans: Avenue, $9.98 (on clearance)
Sandals: Kohl's, $25
Necklace: F21, $4.80

I apologize for the disheveled hair in these photos...the weather in Ohio has been especially windy and rainy lately! I thought the rain showers were supposed to happen in April. Booo!

What do you think of stripes? I know I sure am a fan!

Hope you are having a relaxing and laid-back Sunday!



  1. i live in pennsylvania, which has similar weather to ohio.. and i always think may is WAY more rainer than april!

    cute outfit, too!

  2. I love this shirt, and your hair is really beautiful!

  3. Love stripes. They look great on you, especially in this fitted form. I hadn't worn stripes in years until recently. Any person, no matter their shape or size, can pull off stripes. It all about finding the right size of stripe and perfectly styling it to your liking.