Monday, May 17, 2010

Retail Therapy...on a budget

Seven little ways shopping helped me to feel a little better this weekend (or at least kept my mind off of everything):


1.Dress, Pure Energy, Target, $24.99
2.Scoop Neck Top, Pure Energy, Target, clearance $9.98
3.Ruffle Top, Merona, Target, clearance $4.98
4.Dress, Pure Energy, Target, $24.99
5.Dress, H&M, $12.95
6.Skirt, H&M, $9,95
7.Pointelle Cardigan, $17.99

And I found these gorgeous little hair clips at H&M:

I also hit up a local thrift store and found a fabulous black Old Navy skirt with tulip-style pleating and fancy little buttons on the back for $3.99...and a brand new zip-up jacket with a sequin-lined zipper and the original tags for $4.99.

Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to post some outfit pictures with my new stuff...I wish I could get away with wearing my new dresses to work. But unfortunately, any skirt I wear has to be mid-calf length. Does anyone else have very conservative dress policies at work? How do you work (haha no pun intended) cute clothes on the job?

Hope you had a marvelous Monday!



  1. I have #6- the skirt from H&M- in lighter pastel colors (it's in a post I did recently). I love the skirts, it's totally worth the $9.95. The band at the waist is thick and crinkled, which creates really great definition at the waist.

    Awesome picks!

    As for work (for me, school) wear, I try to use subtly-textured tights to create a little interest, but also remain conservative.

  2. I just remembered! It was the one about getting haircuts at beauty schools <3

  3. @X- you are right! That is the same skirt in a different print! I would have never even noticed! I love the waist on it too, I'm so excited to wear it this summer! Great minds think alike ;)

    ...and textured tights would be a great idea. Thanks for the advice!! :)

  4. Wow...great buys!! I love retail therapy!!

  5. Great buys indeed. I wish I had an H&M nearby. I bought that Garden Collection dress for $50 on eBay. :/