Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Want-It Wednesday: I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to my lovely followers/ are all wonderful and I appreciate you reading SO MUCH!!!!!! :)

Second...that's right! It's Want-It Wednesday! Here's what I want...(and am going to be buying with my paycheck on Friday...cha-ching!):

mark. (a brand of Avon) has quite a few very cute & trendy clothing items that tend to get overlooked because people don't typically think of them as a clothing brand. These "Seeing Double" tops, however, which come as a pack of 2 for $28, should not be overlooked! They are so cute and pretty much ideal for spring/summer. I love the length of the sleeves on these as well!
Along with the launch of this 2-pack of tops, mark. is bringing out the big guns when it comes to their versatility/customizability(is this a word? lol) , which is one of the main concepts of the brand. The "Flip Over" reversible skirt is one that I definitely want to try to see if it really could become a wardrobe staple...classic black skirt that can literally create an entire new outfit with a fun geometric print in a quick bathroom trip? Um, yes please.

I am slightly nervous about a reversible skirt, seeing as I've never even seen one before, let alone tried one out. I will be doing a review of these items once I receive them, to see if they are really as great as they are seeming at first glance...and I will let you know if it really is as amazing as it looks!



  1. ooooh i love that skirt!! just the printed side alone is worth buying! lolz... u better share once u get these ;)

    <3 Iza

  2. Nice skirt, it's a hit, you get 2 skirts on one! :D smart and affordable :D

  3. i recently bought a reversible tank from target.. and i love it! so i can only imagine that the skirt idea would be cool too :)