Friday, December 17, 2010

Why, Hello Winter Break!

Today was my last day of work of the year! I am officially on winter break until January 3rd! How sweet is that? I totally need this break, though, if for nothing else besides my sanity. A lot of people imagine teaching as an easy job...and although I do LOVE my job, it can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. This break will certainly help me to reduce the stress and enjoy some relaxing holiday time with friends and family.
We had a Winter Party in Kindergarten today! Here is what I wore to join in coordinate the festivities:
Blazer: Old Navy, $25ish last fall
Top: Avenue, $6 on clearance last fall
Necklace: Lane Bryant, $14.99ish on clearance last spring
Belt: Old Navy, $14ish last fall
Jeggings: Old Navy, $29.50
Boots: Avenue, $49.90

Nothing super exciting in this outfit, but I felt totally chic all day. Super easy and I felt put together.

I am off to celebrate the beginning of my winter break by snuggling with my blanket and reading some Harry Potter. Hopefully I will be able to do lots of posts now that I will not be super busy! Enjoy your Friday!



  1. you look lovely! very chic and the skinny belt with the blazer looks cute! Enjoy your break, I'm jealous!

  2. How lovely to get a break till New Year's over! I am very jealous of your gold skinny belt! Have been looking for one for ages now. Your outfit is that of understated elegance and a touch of fun (belt)!

  3. Yay for it being your last day of work and that outfit is really cute! i wish i had your confidence :)

  4. Love how you've belted the shirt underneath the blazer. I so have to try using a skinny belt, now if only I can find one that fits well!

  5. Love this outfit - you do look chic!! I am SO looking forward to winter break - I need the break too!!

    Classroom Chic

  6. Love are making me want to buy a blazer!