Friday, December 31, 2010

11 Goals for 2011

As you might be able to guess, I want to start 2011 with a plan. I've got 11 goals/resolutions that I'd really like to reach. I will be documenting the completion/implementation (hopefully) of them on the blog.

1. Lose 20 pounds before Spring Break:Vegas (mid-April).
I am in no way unhappy with the way I look currently, but I would like to tighten/tone up a few areas and maintain a more healthy weight. I've done it before and I think I can do it again.

2. Be on time.
I'm never on time. For anything. And I desperately want to be.

3. Get over J. & Move On
I broke up with him for some very good reasons. I need to keep those reasons in my mind and get over it.

4. Save More $$ From Each Paycheck/Stick To My Budget/Pay Off Store Cards

5. Buy a DSLR camera (this directly contradicts #4...but
I've been saving up for one and I really want one. Plus it will make blogging prettier!

6. Create a Weekly Chore List and Follow It
My apartment will likely not need my every-3-week cleaning overhauls if I do this.

7. Become a Better Wardrobe Remixer
In an effort to be even more frugal.

8. Read at Least 11 Books
I love to read but don't make enough time for it...11 for 2011!

9. Make Some of My Own Clothing
I enjoy sewing & knitting...I think it is time.

10. Spend More Time Blogging
More time, more effort.

11. Continue to Become a Better Teacher
Through experience, learning from other teachers, research, grad school, etc. My career is something that I take very seriously and I am constantly looking for ways to be better at it.

I am sure that I could probably think of even more things that I want to do this year, like learn more Spanish, or take time each week to have some "me" time...but I will limit myself to 11.
What are your New Year's Resolutions/Goals?

Happy New Year, lovies. See you in 2011.



  1. Sounds like great goals my dear! You can do them all! 2011 is OUR year! I have lots but of course the typical; lose weight, improve on my career, etc. I'm READY!

  2. I love to check out other people's resolutions because i get to steal some and add them to my list!

    Happy New Year Casey! I have some resolutions on my list forever like maintaining a healthier lifestyle, saving money but I've also added one that would let me pay more attention to the people around me, the people I love and build a more solid relationship with them.

  3. i love this post! great resolutions :)

    happy new year!