Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll Let You Be The Judge, & I'm The Case

"Miss [Case], I know why you like to wear fashion things. It's because you're so so so so good. And so pretty." - One of my Kindergartners said this to me today. Is it strange that they know my love for fashion? Ha...they are too cute.
Here is what I wore to school today that must have inspired that quote:
Dress: Kohl's, a few years ago
Leggings: Avenue, fall 2009
Belt: Torrid, $20ish after coupon
Flower Pin: Old Navy, $1.99 on clearance last spring
Boots: Avenue, $15 on sale when buying another pair of shoes

So the [first of many new] boots. I bought them on sale from Avenue last week and I thought to myself that I should buy them because I had nothing like them. I decided to chance it and thought if I really didn't like them, I could easily return them. I LOVE them. The look is so much better than I imagined and I wore them to teach all day today and they were super comfortable all day long. No return will be necessary. Here is a closer photo to show you how cute they are:
If you love these little cowgirl cuties as much as I do, you can find them here. You can get them for 40% off with code JLA4030 at checkout.

TGIF! Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend! I know I need one.



  1. Those boots are fun - I have a similar pair on my xmas wish list. I still haven't figured out how I will wear them, but I want them anyway.

  2. OMG, your students are so cute, and to recognize a fashionista at that age...You must be working your stuff daily, go girl. I love your entire outfit, especially the boots, I'm so mad i didn't put them on my wishlist.

  3. This is such a romantic look, love the flower pin :) And awww I would totally melt if a kid said that to me!

  4. Kiddos aer so cute :) I just love this, the belt and boots are fab!


  5. Your hair looks beautiful like this! The boots are darling and so is the look!

  6. You look very pretty and i love your boots! hot!

  7. You look fantastic and I really love how you're mixing black and brown! Love the boots!

  8. Your kids are not wrong! You look very radiant and all glowy here, this could totally be your "date" hair!