Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Want-It Wednesday: Having Is-SHOES

Do you like my post Get it? Like issues. Oh well, at least I amuse myself. :D
Avenue has got some seriously fabulous shoes on their website right now. And I may have just purchased three of them. I really could probably buy almost all of them. I keep rationalizing to myself why I need them and when/how much I would wear them. I'm in shoe lust. But how can I resist when they do a buy one, get one for $15 sale and I have a 40% off coupon (You can too! Code JLA4030)? Come on, people. I've got serious is-shoes. (HA!)

Oh, and I hope everyone has seen the "shoes" video on youtube so you know why I titled that set OMG, shoes. It might be weird, but if you haven't seen it, check it out here (oh, and don't watch it at work or anything, the ending has some pretty choice language- but its funny).

Happy hump day, yo!



  1. U can never have too many shoes! And the video was hilarious hana I've always wondered if that accent is real? Love your new banner btw :)

  2. I agree with Weesha! shoes are lovely!

  3. You can never have enough shoes =] love your blog thanks for following mine am adding you to my blog roll omg and am so broke thanks to cyber monday hahahah

  4. Hey Chica, I hate to do this a second time, but have you been receiving my emails?