Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm All Choked Up That You're Okay...I'm Falling to Pieces.

I am looking especially washed out in today's photos. Maybe it's just the flash of my camera, but I'm not going to lie to you- I feel especially washed out lately. I am really trying to cope with the stress/hurt of my recent breakup with J. It's actually kind of strange, because we've been apart for just over 4 months and I've been totally fine (and the break-up was completely my decision) but suddenly about a week and a half ago the pain finally hit me. I'm trying to be happy because I know this is what is best for me. It has just recently gotten incredibly hard. Several of my friends have told me I seem so much happier now...I just wish I actually FELT so much happier now.
Anyway, enough of the pity party (sorry...) today I went to a good friend's bridal shower. I got this sweater (or is it a dress? I can't tell!) last weekend at Lane Bryant for a huge discount, so I was very excited to wear it. And my new gray boots seemed to be the perfect pairing item because I adore the combination of purple and gray this fall/winter.
Sweater (or is it a dress? I'm not sure): Lane Bryant, $21 on clearance
Vest: LOFT, $12.99ish on clearance last fall
Necklace: Kohl's, 2 or 3 years ago
Leggings: Avenue, $25ish last fall
Boots: Avenue, $29.99 on sale

Here is another new pair of boots. I especially like these ones because they easily make anything look more dressy. They also fit my calves wonderfully because of the way they are designed. I would most definitely recommend them for ladies who have trouble finding boots to fit their calves. They are from Avenue (go figure- I am loving their shoes lately), and you can get them for 40% off right now with the code JLA4030.

I am going to spend my Saturday evening watching movies and relaxing. Hope that your Saturday is super!



  1. You look so pretty though! i am sorry about the J situation. i hope you feel better and the boots are HOT!!!

  2. Well, its probably because of the holidays. You were together for a long time, and each time you hit a holiday or birthday/anniversary its going to hurt. That is natural. I do hope you feel better soon. ((hugs))And great boots - i will have to check avenue for something to fit my calves too.