Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wide Calf Boots...Oh The Torture.

Hello pretties! Today I was out shoe shopping with a friend (we were looking for shoes for her wedding...yay!) and as we walked up and down every aisle of shoes at DSW, I couldn't help but become overwhelmed by the desire to find cute boots. If you are anything like me, though, finding cute boots that actually fit is a time-consuming, seemingly hopeless struggle.
When I say "anything like me," what I mean is that I have very wide calves. I actually didn't even realize it until this year...when no knee-high boots in Macy's would zip around my calves. But then again, I've only ever owned one pair of tall boots in my life and they're from Torrid, so they fit me just fine. And so, with no luck at any store in the mall, the search for boots began.
But there is no happy ending to this story...yet. I have not been able to find anything that I really like that will fit me. Even stores like Avenue that claim to make "wide calf boots" do not have anything that I actually like that will fit. Most of them are still too small around the calves to fit my small, size 7.5/8 feet. How disappointing.
I'm also not willing to break my bank over a pair of custom-made boots. No thanks. I'm a teacher, remember? Not exactly rollin' in the dough here.

I DID find one pair of boots at Target, of all places, that will zip around my calves, but they are high heeled and the material is some weird sort of stretch fabric. I bought them, but have kept them in the box with the hopes of finding something better.

Here are a few photos of the boots I really like. I am going to go over to Avenue tomorrow after work and try them, but I have a feeling it might not be a successful trip.
I'm looking for a pair of dark brown riding boots like these:

and a pair of tall black, flat boots like these:

I've talked to quite a few ladies recently, both straight-size and plus-size, who have trouble finding boots to fit their calves. Apparently, those of us who have super-muscular calves or just larger calves because of body shape, genetics, etc. are out of luck for the moment.

So tell me what you you have this problem? Have you found anything that fits? I would love to hear your feedback.


PS...this is my 96th blog post...get ready for a surprise on my 100th post ;)


  1. i found a pair at Ross last year for $14.99 and I've had them since. they're really wide around the calf area, so i would suggest Ross.

    cute boots by the way!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I wish there was a Ross near me! the closest one is in Pennsylvania! so sad!

  3. I want an avenue! I'm considering buying them then getting it forwarded to the USA and drive 1 hour to pick 'em up...

  4. I also have the wide calf problem. Grief. The only pair of boots I've been able to fit are Clarks. They have different models and come in your basic brown and black.

  5. Good luck girlie! I went boot shopping today and was SO disappointed. The ones at Fashion Bug (who carry plus size line) did not have any wide boots and the ones at the Avenue were not wide enough. They had a few cute ones too. I like those faux suede flat ones but they wouldn't come all the way up my calf..sigh...I will try Torrid tomorrow... Good Luck :)

  6. Hey Case-

    Check out One Stop Plus...I ordered wide calf boots from there a couple years ago and actually they were a little too wide. Check out the link I'm going to can read reviews on each pair. People talk about their experience with the width of each type. There seems to both of the types you are looking for available. Also google promo can always get good ones for this site. Good Luck!


  7. I have the same problem and it's SO frustrating! I also have small feet, so it's that much harder to find the right fit. Payless is caring some wide-calf boots right now, but I've only seen them online so I'm not sure how the fit is.