Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gallery Hop

Last night a few friends and I headed down to the Short North here in Columbus for their monthly gallery hop. I had been to the hop once before, and both times have been completely different. Last night was a lot less crowded than when I had gone before- I'm assuming due to the weather. However, both times were just as fun. I love walking around and looking at all of the art, checking out the boutiques, and of course sampling some of the delicious unique food. Last night we actually even sampled 8 different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches in a contest they were having. We also sampled wine and had ice cream from jeni's, a popular funky ice cream shop...yummmmm. :)

Because it has been so chilly out lately all of a sudden, I had to wear a jacket and I even bought a scarf from one of the boutiques we stopped in. Here are pictures from the evening (thanks to St of S&S for the photos!):
As you can see, especially in the 3rd photo, this outfit was not very flattering for my body at all, but I didn't care because I felt cute and comfortable all evening.
Plaid Shirtdress: Old Navy, $25ish last fall
Leggings: F21, $5.80
Denim Jacket: Old Navy, $34.50 before discount (last winter)
Scarf: The Emperor's Newest Clothes (local boutique), $25
Belt: NY&Co, $1.99ish
Boots: Torrid, $48 before discount last fall
Wristlet: Coach, gifted

Oh! And before you ask, I carried a friend's son's umbrella because I did not have one with me, so it was a running joke throughout the evening that I had a spiderman umbrella. Pretty chic, no? ;)

If you are ever in Columbus make sure you check out the gallery hop in the Short is the first weekend of every month! And invite me! :)

Hope your weekend was fabulous!



  1. You look so frikkin' cute, I love your plaid dress and the boots are fab. Glad you're having a great weekend :)

  2. You are so cute. I love this outfit too, layering is so much fun, and you really pull it off here! And flattering be damned.. you look hotttt.

  3. Ah great pics, I love to see people having fun and not just posing. Love the boots!

  4. Your outfit looks so cute! i love your boots :D

  5. Your outfit is cute to me, and looks good on you. I want the boots lol

  6. These photos speak of fun! You look great!

  7. what are u talking about? u looked great! :) i love the new fall combos of grey and that lovely brown shade and i'm so glad plaid isn't leaving us quite yet lols (i think maybe i'm an inner lumberjack lmao seriously) those boots are my faovrite tho!


  8. Girl, look at you! STUNNA! ;)


    P.S. I live in Ohio too!!!