Monday, October 18, 2010

Comfy Cozy

Today in Ohio the weather has made a turn for the is downright cold! For me, that means breaking out my most comfy jammies and snuggling up with a blanket and book so that I can hide from adjust to the cold weather. Now I know that our comfies are not always the most glamorous of items, but I have found what I consider to be the holy grail of comfortable pajamas and I feel it would be very wrong not to share with far, my favorite pj's are Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl's Sleepwear. I probably would have never thought to purchase these on my own, but I received a pajama set for Christmas last year from my Nan (one of my favorite people- my super-stylish grandma) and I was absolutely blown away by how comfortable they were, so she bought me more for my birthday.
So why am I going crazy over these pajamas and so in love with them that I am taking the time to write an entire blog post on them? The fabric is seriously unbelievable. It is very lightweight and so soft that it's almost silky...and yet snuggly enough to keep me warm and cozy. And it is incredibly stretchy, so it will fit a wide range of sizes!!! Plus, as if that weren't enough, because they are from the Simply Vera line, they are uber chic. I not only feel super relaxed in these, but I also feel like I look cute. What more could you ask for?
I'm telling you- next time you are in a Kohl's store, find your way to the intimates section and just feel a pair of these pajama pants or a nightshirt or a chemise. You won't want to leave the store without them.

Hope no one is offended by my pale tummy (I am trying not to be embarrassed about this but I couldn't get a better picture)! Tonight I am only wearing the pants from my set and I wanted you to be able to see all of them...the cute little black drawstring is made of the prettiest ultra-sturdy black ribbon. I am so in love.

Here are just a few photos of some of the Simply Vera by Vera Wang pajamas currently available on the Kohl's website:

Stay warm and fuzzy, loves.



  1. How cute! I love her line of perfume so I'm assuming her night wear is amazing too! I'm definitely going to check it out next time I'm at KOHLS :)

    P.S I love how bold you are! No one will get offended by the photo. the pants are too cute!

  2. These are cute!

    And don't be embarrased by your tunmmy. I think you're very brave to show it. I'm still working on it.

  3. mmm, that looks like the most amazingly comfortable pants :D EVER! :D

  4. i love fashion, and gossip girl has the best upper class sense of fashion. when you wear walmart clothes, it WILL look cheap. i'm a minor, and i have blair waldorf fashion, try thrift store shopping. goowill's cheaper than walmart, and you can find some very classy stuff.