Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All Eyes On Me When I Walk In

Last week, in this post, I talked about my newfound love, my red cardigan. Last week I wore it with stripes. Today I decided to try it out with animal print.
I know the black leggings paired with the black skirt is kind of strange looking, but in order to get away with a skirt this length at work I have to pair it with leggings...and any other color just did not work. So alas, I decided to add my red peep-toes since the weather was semi-warm and I could tie them in with the red cardi.
Tank: Wal-Mart, $3
Cardigan: Target, $18
Skirt: Old Navy, $14.50 before coupon last spring
Leggings: Target, $6
Shoes: Target, $24.99

In light of specific recent events (cough*marieclaire*cough) I also have to share this song with you (took the title for this post from this one)...every time I hear it my self-confidence just goes through the roof. I love it- it makes me feel gorgeous. Definitely a girl-power song.

All my ladies- do the pretty girl rock. ;)



  1. I Love that tank!! O_O And only $3!?!? I need to get my butt to Wal-Mart! XD hehe

    You look lovely as always hun! :D

    -Christina <3

  2. I love your entire outfit. and that red cardigan is to love! red looks great on you!

  3. You look fabulous! The red cardigan? Love it! I agree with Diana, it makes the outfit pop!