Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nautical Nonsense

Today I woke up and wasn't feeling very inspired, but I knew that I wanted to wear my super soft new red cardigan (found thanks to OneS of the lovely S&S...I wanted to post the link because I know that several of us have been looking for a great red cardi...and this one is only $18!), being in a hurry, I randomly pulled out my blue and white stripey tee, threw my hair in a messy side-braid, and away I went. I kind of felt like I had a sailor vibe going on all day, and I enjoyed it.
I made a new photo-taking apparatus (see the duct tape in the background? lol) and I actually really like the way these photos are coming out...yay for creativity! Boo for my unmade bed in the background! Sorry, guys. One step at a time here. ;)
Stripey Tee: mark., 2 for $28
Red Cardigan: Target, $18 (I am in LOVE with this thing! So soft & the perfect red color!)
Pants: Kohl's, $25ish years ago
Key Necklace: GWP at Lane Bryant Outlet

I also busted out the classic red lipstick today to go with my loving-red-things mood...I applied it very lightly with a lip brush and threw some gloss on over top so it wasn't too crazy, but I thought it was a nice touch to my red fever!

Today I had a conversation with a 3rd grader about fashion. She informed me that girls should care about fashion and that it was fun to go shopping, especially for clothes. That's my kinda girl right there. :)

Happy hump day, yo!



  1. cardigans are my favorite! i love my red one and wear it all the time!

  2. i think the blue stripe shirt goes really well with the red cardigan. great combination Casey :D

  3. I'm liking this combination and the red lipstick? Great! I've always thought red lipstick makes a woman feel so special!