Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paris: You & Me.

Hello darlings. Today was a pretty relaxing Saturday for me. All I really did was get my eyebrows threaded (which if you don't do, you need to- it's the best way to keep brows tame in my opinion) and went to see Paranormal Activity 2, which was good for a few jumps.

Blazer: Old Navy, last fall $34.50 I believe
Top: ASOS, gifted (the only ASOS item I own!)
Skinny Cargos (which are totally rad, by the way): Old Navy, $19.80 on sale
Booties: Avenue, $8.50 on a super sale
Earrings: gifted from Vi

I love these pants. I just got them from Old Navy last week. I feel super trendy in them, they're super soft and comfy, and my hot neighbor even commented, telling me I looked great in my outfit today. Sweeeet.

Let's run away to Paris, lovies ;)



  1. Love it! Really like the blazer with the skinny cargos. I think I have that same blazer from You look great!

  2. I'm not surprised your hot neighbor commented on it, you look amazing! I absolutely love what a blazer does for an outfit.

  3. i love this post! the outfit is hot Casey!

  4. i bought those cargos a few weeks ago as well, and i'm in love with them. i can't stop wearing them! they look great on you.

  5. Great blazer! Is threading your eyebrows painful by the way? I've seen the girls in the mall doing it but I've always been too chicken to get mine done!

  6. I really need to get to ON and check out those cargos. You look fantastic in them!! Also, are those the same studded booties I have? Aren't they fab?!

  7. @Cid- thanks! and you probably do! It is a really great blazer! I love the pinstripe inside.

    @Maria- thanks! I wish he would have talked to me more than just complimenting me, though! haha :)

    @Elizabeth- thanks girlie!

    @Jill- I know right!?!? They are awesome. I have to wear a belt with them so they don't fall off but I really love them. I'm going to have to think of some more ways to wear them so I can mix it up! I'd love to see some of the outfits you wear them with!

    @gypsyroxylee- YES threading is painful...but really no more than just takes a little longer. I love it because with waxing my skin gets really red for a day or so and with threading I am only red for about 2 hours. You should definitely try it and see what you think!

    @Kimberly- yes, check them out! They were well worth the $20 and are comfy yet cute! and yeah they are the same booties! I have them in black with the studs and in plain gray...and I LOVE how they look, plus they easily dress up an outfit! great minds think alike lol

  8. LOVE this oufit, I wore an almost identical one on Saturday! I have to give those Old Navy cargos a try, they look comfy, yet fab. :)