Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tired of Using Technology!

Hello friends!
I know I keep promising more updates- and believe me- I really WANT to be updating. However, I have not had working Internet at my apartment for 8 days now and I am becoming extremely frustrated! Supposedly the repair people are going to be coming to fix it tomorrow, and hopefully soon thereafter I will be posting like crazy (I am currently on my work computer- but don't worry...the kids are long gone for the day!!!)
Anyway- I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled programming shortly.
And MAN, I am going to have a ton of reading to do! :)



  1. Sorry to hear that! Hope it works out soon, can't wait to hear how things are going for you! :-)

  2. hope to see you soon!

  3. especially since i'm back to blogging :P lols... i miss ya! hurry up and post! and make sure to enter my giveaway when u get a chance, i don't want u to miss it because of your lack of internets lols