Sunday, September 19, 2010

Team Spirit

Yesterday, S&S took me to my very first Ohio State football game...and let me tell you- it was amazing! I had so much fun walking around before the game and checking out all the different tailgates and vendors. Then, during the game, I loved learning about all the fan traditions and of course loved watching the team demolish the opposing team. I used to be strictly a Cavaliers girl...but I am thinking I am definitely now an Ohio State girl. I LOVE my city.

Anyway, here's me all decked out in my team gear (photos compliments of S&S ;) ):
T-Shirt: Wal-mart, $12
Lace-Bottom Tank: Torrid, $12
Denim Skirt: Gap Outlet, $13.99
Leggings: Forever21, $3.80
Buckeye Accessories: Random people selling on the street at the game :)




  1. You look so cute! i love the simplicity of it :D

    and yay for fun football games :)