Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Want-It Wednesday: Blair Waldorf Style

Last night I watched my latest DVR'd gossipgirl episode. As usual, I felt totally inspired by all of the fabulous fashion on the show. After a brief facebook commenting session with Kimberly I came to a realization- Blair Waldorf is my style icon. It's official. I've never been so inspired by or wanted to dress like anyone as much as I want to dress like her. Every single outfit I have ever seen her wear on the show is favorable in my opinion. I want the stylists for the show to come style me as if I were Blair! But since that will never happen, I can admire from afar...
Her style is exactly what I would call "classic girly"...and I want every article of clothing they put her in! I am hoping to use some of her outfits as inspiration for some of MY future outfits :)

And just for fun, here is my OOTD. I felt chic all day just by simply adding a great necklace to my outfit (and I think I wore it backwards but I liked it that way for today)...proof that accessories can do a TON for your look!
Tank: Torrid, $19.99 on sale
Knit Blazer: Torrid, $48 before coupon (I think I paid around $25)
Pants: Kohl's, $24.99 on sale
Necklace: Lane Bryant, $14 on sale
Earrings: Lane Bryant, $12-ish on sale
Flats: Crocs (I swore I would never wear them, but these don't look like crocs!), $36.99 on sale

So now I'm curious- who is YOUR style icon?


  1. her style is so cute! i love it and i love what you're wearing. you look adorable.

    my style icon would definitely be between Blair and Zooey Deschanel!

  2. Zooey Deschanel. All the way. I'm such a designer/vintage clasher.

  3. hahaha I think im with the above girls...definately Blair and Zooey Deschanel!