Monday, August 23, 2010

Photographer Wanted

So I am trying, very hard, to get outfit pictures for you all....but I am really struggling with this whole not-having-a-photographer thing. I just can't seem to find a good place to set my camera that will show my entire outfit and still look close-up enough to show detail. Plus with the flash I end up looking super creepy (see the 2nd photo below...ha!) Anyway, I wore this outfit today because I needed something that would be comfy enough to work in my classroom and dressy enough that I felt like I looked somewhat professional/cute.

Top: A birthday gift from Vi, purchased at Kohl's
Pants: Torrid, $48 before coupon
PS- Isn't the detail on this top super pretty? My friends know me well :)

School starts on Wednesday! Agh! I am SO not ready at ALL. Such is life. I am super excited to meet my new kids, though. And to see my class from last year. Awww. I also start my classes for grad school on Wednesday, which I am also super excited about! (Please forgive my dorky-ness...)

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!



  1. Love the details on the top! Very pretty indeed. I took, totally need a photographer. I have NO ONE around to take my pictures. I plan on purchasing a new camera, maybe I'll be able to score a tripod with it. HmPh! We shall see!

    YAY! The kids are back to school, enjoy your day back! :D

  2. cute top, and you look pretty :)

  3. Very cute top! :D

    I would be your photographer if we were neighbors!! :) ~hehe

    -Christina <3

  4. I know what you mean, I totally rely on my sister to take photos and she's not always ready when I am! Lovely details on the top. Good luck on Wednesday, we started back last week!

    S x

  5. I love the detail in your top, very teacher chic! I recommend a tripod/gorillapod I couldn't take my own pictures without one :)

  6. That color looks beautiful on you! Nice choice.