Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Wardrobe Challenge...Day 2 + Haircut Tomorrow!

Here we are! Day 2 already!
Hello pretties! I have been trying to post all night and my Internet connection has been super spotty. I have also not been feeling the greatest today, so please excuse the lack of makeup and my overall yucky-ness in the photos below.

I actually styled today's challenge outfit two ways, for different things I was doing throughout the day. I'm not the biggest fan of the outfit but maybe it was just because I was feeling off today.
Here is option number 1:

Capsule Items:
Top: H&M Garden Collection, $14.95
Skirt: Old Navy, $3 (thrifted)

Belt: Old Navy, $13.99
Shoes: Avenue, $20 (after coupon)...I love the vintage feel of these shoes!
Necklace & Earrings: made by a friend

And here is option number 2:

Necklace: made by a friend
Shoes: Torrid, $39 before coupon...I don't remember how much I paid for them.

Which do you like better?

In other news...I have an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow...I am for sure going to get more highlights to make my hair lighter for summer. The only thing I cannot decide on is a cut. I've have been toying with the idea of bangs for MONTHS now.

I was thinking maybe something like this:
Any other ideas? My hair is pretty thick and naturally wavy, so I don't know that it will style very well with this cut...hmm...
I guess we will see what happens tomorrow when I get to the salon!

*Frugal Tip*
I ALWAYS get my hair done at a local Paul Mitchell training school, where all of the stylists are students and are constantly supervised by professional teachers. The prices are super cheap (compared to most other salons) and I feel like I'm getting a very high-quality experience. I would definitely recommend checking out a local cosmetology school to see if they offer guest services. It will save you lots of cash for other, more important things (like shoes ;)) in the long run!



  1. you look great! no yucky-ness at all! :)

    And cant wait to see your new do, i just cut my own hair yesterday so it was free! ;)


    -Christina <3

  2. i actually like both styles of your challenge! the first is more day appropriate, and the second is definitely something for night!

    also, get the bangs! (ps. i love alexa beidel) the best part about having "long" bangs like that is they are long enough that if you don't like them you can pin the back or sweep them to the side, or if you do, you can wear them as bangs! but, if you are undecided, ask your stylists. he/she should be able to recommend if you should get them based on the type of hair you have. good luck :)

  3. hey girl you look really really nice in this outfit, love the garden collection top on you!!

  4. This top looks amazing on you!

  5. OOH very cute! I like options one best, I think the pop of the belt and tan shoes looks good with the floral print. I wanted those shoes from Avenue, but wasn't sure if I should get them in black or tan. I have to go check the website if they are still available!
    Great job on challenge!

  6. I like option one because the tan accessories compliment the floral shirt, but option two is great, too, because the high waist looks good on you. Try doing this high waist with another top and you'll look fab!