Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flower Power! Or Just a Floral Skirt!

First off, I want to give a little shoutout to S&S...two of my very good friends who have been mentioned indirectly several times throughout my blog so far...and I have decided that they will now be referred to as S&S, official blog characters! ;)

Tonight is the big night! I am going to see Eclipse with the BFF and Vi (another new character, I am going to have to do an official cast of characters listing...lol) and I am SUPER excited. I originally refused to ever see or read any of the Twilight series, but last summer Vi persuaded me to read the first book, and I was hooked. I am not sure as of this moment what I will be wearing, but I feel like it should be something black!

Anyway, for daytime I am wearing a new floral skirt from Torrid...I really like it, even though it is a little on the short side. This morning I went to brunch with S&S at a cute little cafe with outdoor seating, so I thought it was the perfect occasion to wear my new skirt!

I thought you needed to see a close up on the pockets on this skirt...so cute with the little buttons:

The tank is a little big on me, but I was even brave enough to rock this outfit sleeveless! yay!

Tank: Old Navy, a few years ago
Skirt: Torrid, $34 before coupon
Cardigan: Wal-mart, $11
Necklace: Torrid, $14 before coupon
Hair Bow: F21, Set of 2, $3.80
Flip-flops: Old Navy, $2.50

SO much coming this week! My first giveaway, a summer beauty post....ah! I am super excited!
Stay tuned, dolls!



  1. Oooh, that skirt is adorable! I've been looking for one just like that. I have to find a Torrid!


  2. You look lovely, very summery. Enjoy Eclipse!! I CANNOT wait to see it :D

    S x

  3. so cute! Love the floral print and OMG I am crazy about pockets.

  4. ms. case ... do u know how cute u are ?!? SOOOO CUTE! love that skirt the hair of course!