Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Will Never Turn Down A Good Margarita...

Today I said goodbye to my very first class. I made it through my first year of teaching alive...and actually quite happy. It was a long road, but I am excited for the future. I certainly will miss my kids, though!

To celebrate the last day of school, a bar near downtown was hosting a special night out for teachers, so several of my co-workers and I felt that some very large margaritas were necessary. It was a pretty laid-back, outdoor patio, so here's what I wore:

I love this makes my hips go POW! Like, not kidding- the skirt makes my waist look tiny and my hips look gigantic, so it is really not the most "flattering" on me, but I really don't care. I love the colors and the pattern. The belt is also one that is slightly too big on me but only clasps in one place, so I let it droop a little and I think it looks cute kind of slouchy!
Top: NY&Co, $12.99 (two summers ago)
Skirt: H&M, $9.95
Leggings: Target, $5.99
Belt: Came attached to another top from F21
Necklace: gifted
Sunnies: Avenue, $5.99 (before coupon)
Bag: Coach, $129
Flip-Flops: Old Navy, $2.50 ( I really need to cool it with the flip-flops...)
Wow! Outfit Total (minus the bag) was less than $40!

As you can see, I was very excited for both summer break AND the margaritas...which looked like this by the way:

In case you were wondering, yes, those are pitchers with straws in them. :)



  1. congrats! wishing you a happy summer!

  2. Love the print on the skirt. You look lovely! Xo

  3. You have certainly been rocking some great outfits, hope you have a nice break, and good luck on the summer wardrobe capsule challenge