Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paint It Black

Last night was one of my best friend's birthdays! Naturally, we all got glammed up and went out for margaritas! Here is what I wore:
I was so excited when I got this "dress" earlier this week from mark. It has a great painterly print with just enough of a hint of tan here and there that my new nude pumps went along with it perfectly (although the tan in the print is hard to see in pictures.) I also LOVE the zipper on it! And it has POCKETS! So exciting! The belt I wore didn't necessarily match the color of the zipper, but I was okay with it.
Dress: mark., $19.50 for reps, $30 regular price(available sometime in July I believe)
Leggings: F21, $5.80
Belt: came attached to F21 top
Shoes: Guess, DSW $41 on sale

In other news, my parents got a puppy tonight...he's a shih-poo if any of you are dog lovers...and he is TINY! It will certainly be interesting to get to know him!
Have a great weekend!



  1. Love it! and I love puppies :) I have a maltese-poodle mix who i adore.

  2. I love this look- love the dress and your hair looks awesome! oh man, everyone's getting a puppy but me :(

  3. stunning, you look great, really like the dress on you!

  4. That is very sexy and glam indeed! love the belt showing off the waist! hope you had some serious fun :))

    xx Anika