Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OOTD & Epic Fail

Today was a rather uneventful day...so naturally my outfit was pretty laid back:

I really enjoy this top, so I thought I should show you a better photo of the design printed on it...I think it's supposed to look like a lacy corset, but funky.

Top: F21, $17.80
Cardigan: Old Navy, $19.99
Curvy Bootcut Jeans: Old Navy, $12 (on sale)
Sandals: Kohl's, $24.99

In other news, I could seriously kick myself for missing the amazing sale that Torrid
had today...50% off dresses from 9am-3pm PACIFIC. Being that I live in Ohio (EST), I was browsing the website and looked down at the clock to see that it was 3:42pm here. I thought, "Well, darn. I missed the sale. But this cool dress is only $21 with the sale being over! Wow! I'll come back and buy it later." And lo and behold, the dress was later priced at $42 because silly me neglected to read that the sale was on Pacific time, which meant that I could have purchased the dress for $21 only up until 6pm here. When I thought the sale was over, it was, in fact, NOT, and later when I came back, I realized that the dress was really not as cheap as I thought. Epic fail on my part.

Anyway, someone needs to seriously tell me NO because I am about to buy up the entire Torrid website. Have you seen their look books? I always enjoy looking at them. I am obsessed with this one: Endless Possibilities

Maybe it's because I just finished a wardrobe challenge and am very excited about mixing and matching...

I made myself feel better about missing out on the dress by Skype-ing with my BFF. Does anyone else Skype? It is something I just recently started doing. I really love being able to video chat with my friends and family that are far away from me!

Alright, well, hopefully next time I post I will still have some money left to my name...at this rate I'm going to need a second job!


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