Monday, May 2, 2011

A Princess' Tale...

Once upon a time there was a lovely young princess named Masey walking through a royal palace. The palace was of supreme class and sophistication. It housed a trove of shopping facilities, a moving staircase, and even an array of inexpensive food peddlers. While Masey strolled through the palace and pondered the items in each of the windows, she came upon a jewelry maker's shop with a royal decree featuring what she thought must be the most beautifully stunning ring she had ever seen in her life:

But which one was it that princess Masey was so taken aback by? If you happened to guess the ring on the very top of the key, you would be correct. If not, off with your head.
The princess believed that she had never seen a more beautiful piece of jewelry and wished and hope that one day she would be able to place the gorgeous loop around her finger.

The princess decided to search the land high and low and she even found another (below) that was also the same type of ring...she loved them both...but unfortunately the princess' royal financial advisors told her "nay," she should not have the ring.

Feeling defeated, the princess remembered that she still longed for a jewelry item that she had come upon about a year before she saw the astonishing ring...her beloved Tiffany key necklace...she yearned to create her own combination of a large sterling heart with the tiny gold heart...can't you just imagine the two on a chain together? The princess was determined that someday she would scour the land and find this necklace to wear over her heart for all of the days to come.

Alas, as the princess finished her window shopping and imagined all of the wondrous jewelry items she might one day place upon herself, she remembered her grandmother, the Queen, and her favorite piece of jewelry...

and hoped that one day, she too, could be like the Queen and posses such a remarkable token of love.

The End.

(Ok, so this may be the dorkiest blog post ever...but I am in love with these jewelry pieces and wanted to show you in a fun way! Happy Monday!)

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