Sunday, May 15, 2011

Isn't It Strange?

I just keep thinking about how strange it is that things can change so much in a short period of time. It's funny how things change really. I mean, a year ago my life was very different than it is now. So many things have changed. Speaking of a year ago, one year ago today I lost Bozz, the dog my family had for 16 years. It stings to think about, and I'm sure it seems so silly, but I just loved that dog so much. I miss him.
Anyway, on a lighter note, things are very different in a lot of extremely positive ways. I'm proud of myself for having the strength and independence to learn and grow as a person.
And so, now that I've gone all philosophical on you talking about changes, here is an outfit that I wore this week to liven things up a bit:
may2011 061

may2011 062

may2011 063
Skinny Cargos: Old Navy, $19.80
Tank: Torrid, last summer $14.99ish on clearance
Shrug: NY&Co, $21.95
Sandals: Old Navy, $6.50 on sale

Don't you love my candid eyes-closed photo?
Happy Saturday!



  1. Change is the only constant, so they say. :)

    Purple and olive is a great pairing... and isn't Old Navy the best for sales? That's the first place I go to over there! :)

  2. Oh i know what its like to lose a pet, its really is sooo hard, we lost our family dog about 4 years ago and its still so hard to think about. Im sorry for your loss!

    I do like your outfit! you look cute! :)


  3. cute outfit! I love the top on you :)