Sunday, May 8, 2011

Counting 3-2-1 and I'm Having Fun...

I'm feeling rather uninspired about writing at the this will be a short post. However, I am feeling super inspired when it comes to fashion. Especially by other are certainly inspiring me to change up my pace a bit when it comes to putting together outfits. Hopefully this will be reflective in outfits to come. For now, here is the outfit I wore on Cinco de Mayo! Sailor Chic, no?

may2011 004

may2011 006

may2011 001

may2011 009
Top: Mark, $28 (came in a pack of two about a year ago)
Cardigan: Target, $18
Pants: Torrid, $48 (you've seen these many times before- I love the way they look rolled up!)
Shoes: Payless, $26.99

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!



  1. so you like mark, do you have and mark rep or a avon rep

  2. those shoes are adorable! love them!! youre looking cute! :)


  3. thickandsassy I actually AM a mark rep! I don't sell it very often at all but if you want my link it's
    They always have a lot of really great stuff on there!