Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outfit of The Day...Feelin' Good

Hello pretties! Today was a very typical day for up, taught my kiddos, came home, ate dinner, went on a walk with a friend...overall, nothing incredibly special. But I wanted to let you know that I FEEL very special today. Why, you ask? Well, normally during the work week I do not get to be very fashionable or stylish because A.)I teach Kindergarten and B.)The teacher dress code at my school is extremely conservative. Today I decided I would wear my typical dress pants but that I would jazz it up a bit with a bright orange top and look a bit more polished with a gray blazer. Really, it was nothing special, but I got SOOO many compliments on my outfit that I just felt amazing and stylish all day.

And to top it off, my makeup was very minimal, too, so getting all those nice compliments just made me feel great about myself overall.

I recently got this blazer on sale at Lane Bryant, and I love the back of it:

It's a little wrinkly here because I had worn it for a very long work day, but I love the detailing on the back. The pleats give it such a pretty appeal and an unexpected focal point to draw attention to the center of the back rather than the sides, which I think looks more slimming, feminine, and even more professional.

Tank: Torrid, $24.50 before coupons (4/10)
Blazer: Lane Bryant, $49.99 on sale (4/10)
Pants: Sag Harbor at Kohl's (a few years ago)
Flats: Mudd, $30, Kohl's (9/09)
(Forgive me for my ever-changing outfit listing formats...I'm still trying to figure out a way that I like listing items best...I think we've found a winner.)

Oh! And during this impromptu photoshoot, we met a friend...

I think he wanted to get in on the photo-snapping action :)

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!

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  1. and ure prolly the best dressed teacher at ure school! im lovin the blazer and the back details are supa cute!