Monday, April 12, 2010

My Own Living Doll: BFF Wardrobe Makeover, April

Alright...after spending the past week or so traveling around the great state of Ohio, I am finally back to school, back to reality, and back to blogging.

So, I will update you with what I have been up to one post at a time (a lot has been going on!)

As I mentioned a few posts back, my BFF has given me quite the exciting task. She has asked for my help in creating a new, fashion-forward wardrobe for herself. Essentially, for me, this is like playing with my own life-size dress-up doll. The tricky part is, however, that she wants to limit herself to purchasing only ONE outfit a month with a budget of about $100 for each complete I have had to be quite thrifty in what I choose to include in her new fashion arsenal. AND I want her to have some essentials- things that she can mix and match to create many different looks. We began this adventure in February, and unfortunately, March was a little too hectic for our schedules to include a shopping trip...but April seems to be a winner. We had the most luck this month at New York & Company, where I found her an outfit so cute, I bought it for myself in a different color (so much for abstinent April...we'll talk about that later.)

Tiered Dress, $26
Linen Blend Shrug, $25
Leggings, $9.95
Studded Rosette Belt, $2.99
Total = $63.94

We also picked her up this adorable ruffle cami ($26.95) to pair with the same shrug & skinnies:

Each piece here is from NY&CO, except for the flats, which are from Target (and also from our February shopping trip...$13.99).

And of course, here is what I wore out shopping that day:

(Tunic, mark., last year; Leggings, Old Navy, ?; Flats, $24.95 Lane Bryant; Headband, $4.50 & Bangles, $6.80 both F21)

If you like this tunic, they have a very similar one right now over at (oh! surprise!) NY&CO.

Oh, and before I wrap up, the BFF is not a plus-sized gal, but I have to mention that I was very pleased with the sizing at New York & Company. I was able to pick out a few things for myself that looked great and were very reasonably priced.

Oh! And a pic of the BFF and I out and about, sporting her new outfit:

♥ Case

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  1. you two look amazing! great job on the makeover! how fun is that! i love ny&co ... great finds!