Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well Hello Old Friend

HI! I've missed you.
To start, I have to give you all a huge apology. I haven't been around for awhile and it was completely unintentional. In fact, blogging has crossed my mind many times and somehow I just haven't been up to it. Let me fill you in a bit on what's been going on with me:
-First, I've lost close to 30 pounds over the past 6 months (yay!) and I've been feeling slightly uncomfortable in many of my clothing items. They're not fitting me the way that I'd like them to and in turn I don't feel as if they are worth photographing.
-Second, I've really been watching my spending. I've gone from pretty frugal to a plain old tightwad when it comes to shopping for clothes. SO needless to say, even though many of my clothes are much looser on me, I haven't really gotten around to buying new ones...especially because I do intend on losing a little more weight and the way I see it- why waste the money?
-Third, because I've lost weight and am not spending nearly as much on clothing, you've already seen a lot of what I might take OOTD photos of...I'm really not the best at remixing...STILL trying to get better at that!
With all of that out on the table, I hope you accept a sincere "I'm sorry" for my being MIA over the past few months...I'm ready to get back in the swing of things.
To get it started, I'd like to do a quick little recap of my summer.
The BFF's wedding:
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Vacation to Jamaica, mon:
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A wedding a few weeks ago:
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And finally, one of my proudest moments to date, running my first ever 5K:
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So there you have it! An update on my life and recent outfits through photos.
(I should also mention other things that are awesome to get you up to speed: I have thee best boyfriend ever, thee best friends ever, my 3rd year of teaching is smooth sailing, I've gotten into couponing, and I'm super excited about fall weather!)

It feels good to be back.


  1. Glad to see you back! You look great, but you must feel even better than that. And you vacayed in Jamaica? Fun!

  2. Welcome back! What an accomplishment to do a 5k! I look forward to your future posts. :)

  3. Welcome back and congrats on the 5K!

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