Sunday, April 24, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Hello pretties! I hope you are all doing well! Things continue to be super crazy for me, but I recently got to take a nice little vacation to was my first time there! I had a blast and luckily the weather was beautiful the entire trip! I even came back tan and won a tiny bit of money! Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of the outfits that I wore on the trip!

Top: Torrid, $34.50 purchased with gift card
Leggings (same in both photos): Old Navy, Years ago
Dress: Torrid, $19.95 on sale purchased with gift card
Shoes (same in all photos): Torrid, $39ish on sale about a year or so ago

My Mom was so excited...she found this dress for me on super clearance at Sears of all places. I was so excited because it makes my curves look has random draping in all the right places! Although this dress may not come off as sexy, I FEEL really sexy in it because of how it fits me. Va-Voom! lol
Dress: Sears, $4.99

You've seen this dress before here. I wore it last summer to a wedding. Now I decided to throw on a little lace shrug for the spring. I also added my new favorite mixed media necklace. It worked perfectly- I love this combination of blue and black.
Dress: Torrid, $38 on sale last summer
Lace Shrug: Deb, $19 last summer
Necklace: Old Navy, $8ish on sale

I've also been trying to catch up on reading all of your blogs! I haven't been commenting on too much but I've been feeling really inspired to revamp my spring wardrobe! Everyone is breaking out the warm-weather clothes and it has got me in the mood to wear more and more skirts and dresses! Now if only Ohio weather would cooperate...

It feels so good to have a few free minutes to post and update. I'll try and post another update this week!

Hope you all have a fabulous last week of April!



  1. ooo I do love that black and white printed dress, it looks great on you! Good job, mom!

  2. I love all the outfits that you wore in Vegas. You looked awesome! The dress your mom picked up is especially great and I thin kyou look totally sexy. And honestly, I think that feeling sexy makes us look sexier than a sexy dress does.

  3. You look great in all the outfits, and you look so much skinnier!

  4. These outfits are all so cute!!!! I love the purple leopard print top!