Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Today I woke up late with nothing to wear. I am desperately in need of a spring/summer shopping trip...particularly for some cute tops. Anyway, I rummaged through my closet to no avail. Then I decided to just throw on one of my many lace-bottom tanks and a shrug. As I took the tank out of the drawer, my new little flower pin I got recently from a Thirty-One Gifts party caught my eye because it was the exact same Barbie-pink color as the tank I had pulled out. Coincidence? Perhaps. Or it may just be my sick obsession with anything pink. In any regard, a cute little top combo came together and although the humidity certainly got the best of my straightened hair today, I seemed to get many compliments on my randomly thrown together outfit.

Lace-Bottom Tank: Torrid, $12 last summer
Shrug: Old Navy, $19 last spring
Flower Pin: Thirty-One Gifts, $3
I also wore a darker gray dress pant with these...but they weren't exciting so I decided a photo was not necessary. And I also hate how you can see the bumpy clasp and zipper of this pant through my shirt. However, the combo of pink and two shades of gray worked very nicely together.

Have you heard about Thirty-One Gifts yet? They seem to be all the rage here in central Ohio. Very similar to Vera Bradley but they seem to have a wider range of products.

Hope you are having a fabulous week, dolls!



  1. Don't you look sassy! I too am the lover of anything pink and I'm loving your flower pin! And why can't I ever find anything as cute as this shrug in Old Navy??

  2. Loving the flower! This color mix is beautiful on you.