Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So this weekend was the date. I actually ended up going on a spur-of-the-moment blind date on Friday as well, and it went alright. I had fun. However, I did not really feel any connection with the guy. So it was a good practice for the next date.
Sunday's date was a slightly completely different story. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that the guy ended up being great on the outside but was actually a total creep who could not keep his hands to himself. Ew. No thanks, honey. I'm classy and such.
After feeling a full-on bottom grab, I ended up pretty much telling him how inappropriate he was and storming off. I kept thinking of that Monica song "I don't get down on the first niigghhttt..." ha :)

Here is the outfit I wore for Friday's date...I really loved it for a night of walking around a swanky outdoor mall and going out for a nice dinner.
Dress: Old Navy, $29.50 before coupon
Leggings: Old Navy, $6
Belt: Lane Bryant, $2oish I think....
Jacket: Avenue, $35 after coupon
Boots: Target, $29.99

I love this purpley/gray cowl-neck dress from Old Navy. In the reviews on their site, quite a few people seemed to think it was too short, but for those of us who happen to be vertically challenged, it fits fabulously. Not to mention, the price point is fantastic. Old Navy has really been stepping up their game lately...anyone else notice this?

I apologize for this post's obvious lack of detail and effort. My sleepiness is completely to blame. I feel like I have needed to catch up on sleep for the past week and a half. I sort of wish I could sleep through a day.

I have other outfits from this past weekend that I want to show you, but since I'm feeling lazy, and have a feeling that other outfits this week will not be super fun, I will save them for another day this week.

I hope you are dragging less than I am! And I hope you're having better dates ;)



  1. cute outfit. But that would definitely be tunic length on me... Hope your date went well.


  2. I like this dress on you!

    I have it too and at over 5'8" I don't find it too too short, it's like mid-thigh.. which is totally fine with leggings!

  3. You look gorgeous!! And sorry your dates didnt go so well but dont worry hun, like you said, great preactice for next time!

    And im glad you stood up for yourself, i would have slapped that guy! XD

  4. Well of course he couldn't keep his hands off of you. You look gorgeous. But Ew is right. Sorry you had to deal with that but good for you for standing up for yourself.

  5. can't wait to see more post's and aren't you the cutest? i love your outfit, and your exuding a lot of confidence. keep it up!

  6. I really like this dress, but I have not see it at the OLD NAVY, maybe next time!
    Look gorgeous!