Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're So Limited...Or Are We?

The BFF is a huge fan of The Limited. Being that it has always struck me as a store for skinny girls, I never even dared to cross the threshold. However, one day over our coinciding winter breaks, she insisted that I come check it out with her. Somewhat reluctantly, I headed inside, prepared to see a ton of cute clothes that I could essentially look at but not touch. At first, my prejudice was fulfilled...everything I saw seemed to be made for those with no curves. Then, after much persuasion from one of the store associates, I tried on a pair of their jeans. Size 14. The biggest size they carried in store (they offer more online). "This is a lost cause," I thought to myself. "They're never going to fit." I slid one leg didn't get stuck on my thigh. Other leg....over my hips....buttoned...holy crap...they fit...comfortably! I couldn't believe it. They fit and looked great. I was ecstatic. But then I looked at the price tag...$75. No can do. However, once they go on sale, those babies will be mine (and of course they will need to be hemmed)!

photo (7)
Please excuse our mess of a dressing room! Ha!

The point of this long unnecessarily drawn out story is this: there are great clothes in places I've never thought to look..we've never thought to look. With this new discovery of The Limited, I feel like I've opened a whole new realm of fashion opportunities for myself. And maybe I've been hiding under a rock for who knows how long, but they have a great new curvy line called Eloquii with a pretty decent range of sizes and some really on-trend items.

Keep your eyes peeled, fellow fashion lovers. You never know where you'll find your next great piece.



  1. You look amazing!!!
    You give me hope that I can also do it :)

  2. look great but I use Scrubs all-time cause it's give me great flavor.......