Monday, March 28, 2011

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

I can't help it. This song is so dirty but I just loveloveLOVE it. Have you heard it? Uber silly which makes it that much more sexy! I'm slightly obsessed. The song definitely has the effect on me that Mike Posner says it will have. ha! :)

Anyway, can you believe I've been gone for another month? I can't! Time is flying. However, I did recently pick up some new spring wardrobe pieces that I wanted to share with you! I do not have photos of myself wearing them yet because, well, Ohio weather tends to be uncooperative. Rest assure that I will have more pictures as soon as it gets warm enough to wear them, though!

I got pretty much all the pieces from both of these outfits...Old Navy had them already put together on their website and I loved both of them. The outfits pictured are from the women's plus size line but since I cannot wear anything from that line, I found alternatives (for most pieces I found the exact same items) in their "regular" women's section. Luckily, though, they have most of these items available in both size pretty much anyone can wear them. I also got several other things but I want to save showing them to you for when I actually wear them. I just got really excited about those two outfits.

Anyway, I desperately need to catch up on my blog reading so that I know what is going on with all my fellow bloggers out there! I also need to post more. Hopefully as the school year comes to a close over the next 8 weeks I will have more time!

As for an update on my life...well, things are pretty much the same as when I last posted. I'm super stressed with work but other than that everything is great. :) Hope you're doing well, too, dollies!



  1. The yellow outfit is so cute! Especially with that tank top. :) I can't wait for Minnesota weather to get warm, either!

  2. Well I also like the yellow cardigan, it's like a really chirpy colour! Hope to see you in it soon!